10 Things I Learned After Watching – SHAANDAAR

Sar jhuka ke kar salaam hai shaam shaandaar.. aasmaan se aa giri hai shaam Shaandaar.

I saw the movie, and didn’t like it, but still there are few things i would like to share after watching this.

So, here are ten things that I learned after watching Shaandaar.

  1. A fat girl always look cuter (Sorry Alia..!!).
  2. If you are Insomniac, you could stay awake till you are in your twenties (from childhood).
  3. There is another half pack after 8 Pack abs.
  4. Black Pepper can be dangerous and can kill you with a sneeze.
  5. Michael Jackson and Queen Elizabeth are Sindhi (at least by nature).
  6. If you want to marry someone, first check their account balance.
  7. You can eat stack of 5 biscuits with milk. (all together)
  8. Mushroom + Brownie can get anybody lose their mind. (It will take you to a different ride)
  9. The latest Wedding dress for Groom can be topless (if you have 8 packs .. oops 8 and a half).
  10. If you wear too much gold, you can make people go blind.

That’s it.

Do you have something to add to these interesting facts. Comment below.

Watch the trailer of Shaandaaar


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