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Hello and Welcome to Chatpata Bollywood – the home of Bollywood entertainment… a non-stop Bollywood entertainment blog!

About Bollywood

Bollywood is an entertainment industry in India, where Hindi is the main language used in movies. Based in Mumbai, it is often referred to as “the Indian Cinema”, but, actually, Bollywood is just a part of the Indian Cinema, and their are tons of regional entertainment industries in other languages.

So basically, Bollywood is the Hindi Film Cinema, and we here, at Chatpata Bollywood, are dedicated to giving you insights of what is happening in and around this Show-Biz world.

About Us

We are a team of ardent Bollywood fans:

  • Bollywood ChaatWala
  • Bollywood ChaatWali
  • Bollywood ChutneyWali

Why Chatapata Bollywood?

Because India is synonymous with Bollywood and India is synonymous for its spicy flavors. And also because the three of us first met over a table of delicious Indian chatpata food!

What Do We Do Here?

Our main aim is to add salt, pepper, spices, herbs, chutneys etc. to anything Bollywood… make it as chatpata as possible… and then serve it here for you.

The main categories you’ll find here are:

  • Information on New Releases
  • Audios, Videos and Photos
  • Chatpati Top 10 Lists
  • Chatpate Spoofs and Dialogues
  • Chatpata Stuff about your Favorite Bollywood Stars
  • Information about Acting and Dance Classes

How to Reach Us?

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please visit our Contact page and we will respond ASAP.

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