Bollywood Aryan Khan Arrested Under NCB

The famous son of the famous actor in Bollywood, has been detained by the narcotics department in the Mumbai area.

Yes, this news has ended by becoming one of the most sensational news in which the famous star of Bollywood, Shah rukh khan’s son, has been detained by the Narcotics department on the charge of consuming contrabands and drugs on a cruise ship.

It is believed that Aryan Khan was not only found illegally consuming the Drugs, but at the same time, it was revealed that he was a habitual user of such drugs.

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After being kept in custody for one day, his bail application was denied, and hence accordingly, the custody in which he would be kept has been extended till 7 October 2021 with the Mumbai police.

The department head ordered further investigation, and the proper scrutiny of the desk revealed that the WhatsApp chats were the living proof of the fact that he was a Regular consumer of the drugs.

Moreover, it has been decided that he has been using a secret code word language to buy such contraband items.

Aryan Khan’s Arrest: Grounds And Laws

Furthermore, he has been caught red-handed for consuming the drugs, and at the same time, they have been using the material for their benefit.

It is also important to ensure that the quantity of the drugs discovered in this custody was much more than the permissible limits.

Charas, cocaine, pills, and other drugs were discovered with him in the amount which far exceeded the amount they should be ideally permeable.

Lawyer’s confidential information

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His lawyer has been confident that he would be easily bailed out because until now, not even a single person has witnessed Aryan Khan consuming such contraband items.

Moreover, the entire Bollywood is pouring its heart out by standing against brutal criminal justice, and they are expressing their solidarity with the parents.

They believe that Aryan Khan was unfortunate enough to be present at the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, there has not been any release of an official statement until now.

Hence, it is important to keep in mind that the media should not run a media trial in the meantime which will only complicate the case and will not be any good to the people.

The Future Course of Action

The trial of Aryan Khan is being carried under the legislation of Narcotics, and there are many different types of provisions under such act.

Hence, according to this, it is very difficult for the accused to prove the innocence as the standard of proof required is very hard to crack.

The burden of innocence is on the one who is claiming to be one. That is likely to make matters more complicated for the elder son of Shah rukh khan.

It would be interesting to witness as what would happen next in the coming days in this High-profile drug case.

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