The OTT Platform of Big Boss Is A Hit With The Audience This Time

Bigg Boss OTT is certainly engaging fans with super-charged energy. The fights between Pratik Sehajpal and Divya Agarwal are a hit with the crowd. Shamita Shetty and Pratik have likewise had an altercation.
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The up-and-comers have been isolated into two gatherings in the wake of settling on an indiscriminate choice about their devotions. 

Zeeshan Khan Has Decided To Switch Accomplices
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He finished his association with Urfi Javed and associated with Divya Agarwal, leaving Urfi sorrowful. Urfi was selected straightforwardly on the grounds that she has no ties. 

Pratik Is The Black Horse

Contenders Pratik Sehajpal and Raqesh Bapat were gathered to the admission space for an errand and requested to pick two sets of challengers to perform with their individual groups.

Pratik picked the pairings of Ridhima-Karan and Moose-Nishant, while Raqesh picked the pairings of Neha-Milind and Divya-Zeeshan. 

The Latest Happenings In The House

The up-and-comers were alloted an errand that necessary them to suffer torment, keep up with tolerance, and continue on.

Different groups tormented Raqesh-Shamita and Divya-Nishant, while Pratik’s group took a stab at all that they could to test and annihilate their resistance. 

The Mirch Masala And Tadka

The hopefuls started pouring different substances in Raqesh’s group to get them to leave the mission. Ridhima set out a jug of Dettol over Divya, causing horrendous agony on her.

Divya became aggravated and lost her quiet. Ridhima was pushed, and she wouldn’t pay attention to her clarifications. She flushed her eyes with water prior to pouring the bucket of water over Akshara and Ridhima Pandit. 

Ridhima continued attempting to disclose things to Divya however, she wasn’t in the state of mind to hear anything. Ridhima right away understood her error and immediately apologized, chasing after Divya.

She was additionally seen weeping for what had occurred and felt sorry. While Divya was rising with outrage, Ridhima didn’t walk out on her and embraced multiple times.

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