Stalking and Attacking By Fans on Bollywood Celebrities

The common belief is that celebrities have everything in life and life’s all rosy for them. After all, the grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? The truth is that they usually have to pay the price for their name and fame. Bollywood celebrities have some fans who sometimes go beyond obsession bordering on craziness and stalk them and even attack them.

Today, we bring to you some Bollywood actresses who were attacked by fans.

Bipasha Basu: In 2002, when Bipasha was promoting her movie Raaz 3 in Ahmedabad, a fan tried to pull her skirt. The actress hurt her right hand as she was trying to escape from the chaos.


Shruti Haasan : In 2013, a stalker tried to enter Shruti’s house and grabbed her throat. However she escaped the attack and managed to slam the door on him. Apparently, he had been stalking her for a while and had visited her film sets too.


Dia Mirza : In 2009, Dia’s stalker impersonated himself as a doctor and tried to make his way to her apartment. However, she didn’t report the matter to the cops as he promised  to stay away from her. But he turned up yet again at her doorstep, this time with a ring and a bouquet.  She eventually reported him to the police.

Dia Mirza

Genelia D’Souza : In year 2010, during a visit to Vijaywada for the inauguration of a showroom, Genelia D’Souza was attacked by a fan who tried to grab her. Shocked by the indecent behaviour, Genelia lost her cool and slapped him. Cops had arrested the fan but let him out after questioning.


Kangna Ranaut : In 2009, an ardent fan flooded Kangana’s mailbox with love letters and even sat on a protest in order to meet her . But this turned a bit nasty when he followed her to the gym every day and tried to pass through the security. Cops were called in to sort out the issue.


Katrina Kaif : In 2009, Katrina was stalked by a man who was spotted many times around her apartment. He crossed the limits by making his way to her house. He was finally nabbed and handed over to the police.


Sushmita Sen : In 2009, a crazy fan sent Sushmita a bridal ensemble. The actress  filed a complaint against him. When the police took action against him, he stated that if she didn’t marry him, he would kill himself!


Minissha Lamba : Minissha had to lodge a complaint against a crazy stalker. The man sent her lewd and abusive text messages. She blocked his number but he continued his notoriety by calling her from different numbers.


These are some of the Bollywood actresses who were attacked by fans. Which Bollywood actress’ stalker did you find the creepiest?

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