Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup

Bollywood is a world of glitz and glamour. In movies, on television, in glossy magazines, at various functions, our Bollywood actresses look stunning and gorgeous with perfect and flawless skin. And this is achieved with a little assistance from their makeup artists and fashion designers.

But every now and then, our Bollywood divas, go natural. Whether they are catching an early morning flight or running a quick errand, our Bollywood actresses sometimes do leave their homes without a trace of makeup. Actresses without the cosmetic frills often look a lot different than you might think. While some look beautiful even without makeup, some look like the girls next door and a lot are simply unrecognizable.

Check out these Bollywood Celebrities Without Makeup and with makeup.

1. Kareena Kapoor : With and without makeup is a world of difference! Agree?!

Kareena Kapoor without and with makeup

2. Anushka Sharma :  Girl-next-door?


3. Priyanka Chopra : Amazing transformation. Isnt it?


4. Genelia D’Souza : We are afraid, Genelia looks stunning only with her makeup on!


5. Alia Bhatt : Alia Bhatt looks very young and naive without makeup.


6. Vidya Balan : Plain Jane?


7. Shraddha Kapoor : She has the girl next door looks in her de-glam avatar.


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