Bollywood Goofs: Time Travel in Haider

Haider won quite a few awards in the IIFA Awards 2015 ceremony recently concluded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But were you aware of the fact that the movie involved some serious time travel?

No kidding.

The story of the movie is based in 1995, but there were some scenes in the movie that couldn’t have been possible without time travel to the next decade! Here are 5 anachronisms from the award winning 2014 blockbuster – Haider.


5 anachronisms from Haider

1. The movie depicts Bangalore by the iconic flyover at Domlur, but the construction of this flyover had not begun until 2003. Maybe they had already prepared a 3D model of it back in the mid 90s, and the movie crew used that for shooting!

2. The two Salman Khan fans in Haider do several impressions of the great superstar they look like. However, some of those impressions were from movies that released in the 2000s. Some fans, I say! They even knew what their favorite superstar was going to do in his later movies!

3. Shraddha gets Shahid released from the army check post and then they are seen having a conversation in the car. That’s when a Swift Dzire can be seen passing behind a truck. That Dezire was launched in 2009. Bringing it back from 2009 to 1995 must have taken a really big time machine!

4. There is a wall in the movie which has the Kashmiri Resistance slogan “Go India Go Back” written on it.  Yet, this slogan was used AFTER the 2008 civil uprising against Indian Occupation of Kashmir. How did these characters get to know of this slogan back in 1995?

5. There is a scene where Haider gives a speech to an audience at the “Ghanta Ghar” (the Clock Tower). The “Cement Park” can be seen in the background, which was actually constructed after 2012. So okay! I get it! If they can transport an entire park across time, surely that Swift Dzire must have been a piece of cake.

No no, Shahid! Don’t shoot yourself just yet! After all, we all make mistakes, don’t we? I say just enjoy these 5 anachronisms from Haider along with the movie! You did win the Best Actor Award for it anyway! 😀

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  1. When it comes to Indian movies, making a period film is something next to a blunder.

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