Bollywood Iconic Characters

With so many movies released every year, some characters in our movies do not leave a mark on us, we see them on-screen today and forget all about them the next day. But there are some characters who are not only well remembered but have left a lasting legacy on the silver screen.

We bring to you the list of Bollywood Iconic Characters.

While some are obvious, and some may not be. Check them out, Bollywood’s most memorable characters…

Gabbar Singh from Sholay : This evil, sadistic dacoit with his unbuttoned shirt, shifty sleazy eyes, swagger and rustic dialogues, changed the face of villains in Bollywood. The iconic dialogue “Kitne Aadmi The!” has been one of the most unforgettable dialogues in the history of Bollywood.

Mogambo from Mr India : An insane megalomaniac who aspired to conquer India, Mogambo  with his dark black suit with golden embroidery was the technically advanced villains with missiles and bombs by his side. “Mogambo khush hua” is the cult dialogue from this cult villain.

Geet from Jab We Met: This bubbly, talkative, carefree character which made harem pants a stylish statement is still fresh in our minds. Her dialogues, “Main Apni Favorite Hoon” or “Ab to haath chhod do mera! Itni bhi sundar nahi hun main!” and many more is the reason why we still can’t get over her!

Rani from Queen : The transformation of a spurned and morose to-be-bride to a woman who rediscovers herself and rebuilds her life, and fights society to redemption is something we all can relate to.

Munna and Circuit from Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai : The honorable gangster with heart of gold and his loyal Man Friday, Munna and Circuit taught us many lessons unknowingly. The duo also added mumbaiya vocabulary in our life like “Too bhi naa mamu hi, yaar”, “Ay Laa.  Meri to vaat lag gayi”, ”Subah ho gayi, mamu“ and “Tension nahin lene ka”.

Sher Khan from  Zanjeer :  The baddie-turned-buddy who sported mehndi-coloured beard and hair and sang the popular number Yaari hai imaan, is another memorable character of Indian cinema. Pran who played this character wore authentic Pathani clothes and had an Afghani accent to match  with some classic dialogues like” Sher Khan khud aaya tha khud chala jayega.”

Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg and Dabangg 2 : Salman became everyone’s favourite law man as rough and tough super cop Chulbul Pandey. His bulging muscles, neat moustache, stylish aviators and witty one-liners like ” Haramzaade se yaad aaya Chaube ji … aapke aadarniye pitashri aaj kal kaise hai? or Hum tum mein itne ched karenge … ki confuse ho jaoge ki saans kahan se le … aur paadein kahan se” became a rage!

Langda Tyagi from Omkara : Saif Ali Khan made the character of cripple Langda Tyagi a despicable and abominable creep who utterly disgusts us. Even his look is in keeping with his character, his close shaven haircut, his grungy clothes, his paan stained teeth all made up his loathing character in the film.

Vijay Deenanath Chauhan from Agneepath : Of all the Amitabh Bachchan’s Angry Young Man roles, none was angrier – though not so young – than Agneepath’s fiery protagonist. He will forever be remembered for the famous dialogues, “Vijay Dinanath Chauhanpoora naam, baap ka naam Dinanath Chauhan, maa ka naam Suhasini Chauhan, gaon Mandwa, umar chhattis saal and “Aaj sham 6 baje maut ke saath apna apainment hai. Apainment .” HrithikRoshan aced this character too in the remake of the film but Big B was no doubt was amazing.

Baburao Ganpatrao Apte from Hera Pheri : Paresh Rawal left us in splits with his role as a drunkard in this flick. Harassed with his two tenants, he gave some of the best dialogues in this film. With perfect comic timing, he delivered dialogues like, “Utha le re baba, utha le… mereko nahin re, in dono ko utha le”.

Anthony Gonsalves from Amar Akbar Anthony : Amitabh Bachchan played the character with a frisky flourish and whisky swig, drunken monologue, coming out of an Easter egg and wooing the neighbourhood Catholic beauty Jenny with a flamboyance that made the character so distinctly unique.

Anand from Anand : Of the many beloved roles that Rajesh Khanna played, perhaps none is stamped into public memory  more deeply than the terminally-ill but always cheerful cancer patient who gave us  important life lessons with the dialogues like “Ae Babumoshai, zindagi aur maut uparwale ke haath hai. Usse na aap badal sakte hain na main” and songs like “ Zindagi kaisi hai paheli, haaai…”

Raj from Awaara : This charming and small time crook who gets into trouble but is not shy to admit it became Bollywood’s first global icon.

And there are some more Bollywood Iconic Characters…

Vijay from Don : Amitabh Bachchan’s character as Don has gained a cult status in the Indian cinema. In a double role, as the mafia boss Don he speaks in a clipped style and exudes ruthlessness while the street performer Vijay has an accent straight out of eastern UP. His famous dialogue from the film – Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahin, naamumkin hai – is well known to every movie enthusiast worth his salt.

Tara Singh  from Gadar : Who can forget the famous hand pump scene? And also the roaring at the cowering Pakistan police  and the cross-border patriotism all in Sunny Deol’s patented action and style.

Shahenshah from Shahenshah : Another Amitabh Bachchan classic character, the vigilante Shahenshah is a police inspector by day and disguised crime fighter by night. His dialogue, “Rishte mein to hum tumhare baap hote hain, naam hai Shahenshah”, is quoted so often!

Basanti from Sholay : This adorable, feisty, talkative tangewali  is one of the most unforgettable character of Bollywood. Her dialogues, ” Chal Dhanno! or Bhaag dhanno bhag, aaj teri basanti ki izzat ka sawal hai are still hot favorites!

Chandni from Chandni : She was pure romance and passion draped in flowing chiffon sarees. She danced like a dream and moved like a melody! No wonder Chandni still makes you go weak in the knees even after 2 decades of its release.

Amar and Prem from Andaz Apna Apna : “Amar aur Prem, yaane ke Amar Prem. Naam sunte hi main samajh gaya tha ke tum dono awwal darje ke filmi aur awaare ladke ho” Well said and they also had insane affinity for blunders and silliness.  Aamir’s delicious wickedness and I-am-oh-so-sly act as Amar complemented Salman’s brawn-and-dumb-dodo turn perfectly.

Bhuvan from Lagaan : Yeah, we loved all those runs he scored, but this salute to Bhuvan is for being a hero, a true leader and sticking to his convictions right till the end. And oh, how can we forget the desi accent he pulled off so effortlessly! “Aage aike ghumavat hai…ab aa, aa, aa..”

Bhiku Mhatre from Satya : “Mumbai Ka King Kaun?”, well of course, Bhiku Mhatre! Manoj Bajpaye played the hot-headed, erratic, emotional and child-like Mob boss to perfection.

Crime Master Gogo from Andaz Apna Apna : Shakti Kapoor reached cult status in the world of comedy as Crime Master Gogo in the comedy flick. His dialogues “Suno suno duniya ke logon, sabse bada hai mister Gogo  and Crime Master Gogo naam hai mera, aankhen nikal ke gotiyan khelta hun main” are memorable still.

Rancho from 3 Idiots :  Wasn’t it utterly astonishing to see a 40+ actor play the role of a college student, and that too with such conviction! Aamir Khan was brilliant as Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chanchad aka Rancho aka Phunsukh Wangdu – the brilliant student who fights against the stereotype in the educational system.  His “Aal izz well!”  mantra is something that we all can use in our daily life!

Raj and Simran from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge : This iconic couple taught a whole generation to fall in love but also fight for it. Deep within, all of us wish that we were Raj or Simran and dream of meeting our counterpart, in the same trademark DDLJ manner. Aah!

There are some more Bollywood Iconic characters like…

  • Aman Verma from Kal Ho Na Ho
  • Amiran from Umrao Jaan
  • Aniruddh from Sparsh
  • Bakhtawarfrom Hum
  • Bharat from Upkar
  • Bhawani Shankar from Golmaal
  • Devdas from Devdas
  • Dang from Karma
  • Gurukant Desai from Guru
  • Jai and Veeru from Sholay
  • Jailor from Sholay
  • Kaancha Cheena from Agneepath
  • Karan and Arjun from Karan Arjun
  • Loin from Kalicharan
  • Mahesh Deshmukh aka Munna from Tezaab
  • Michelle McNally from Black
  • Radha from Mother India
  • Raju Guide and Rosie from Guide
  • Raju the clown from Mera Naam Joker
  • Ramprasad Dashrathprasad Sharma/ Lakshmanprasad Dashrathprasad Sharma aka Lucky from Golmaal
  • Sahibjaan from Pakeezah
  • Salim, Shashenshah Akbar and Anarkali from Mughal-E-Azam
  • Seeta and Geeta from Seeta aur Geeta
  • Shakaal from Shaan
  • Sir Juda from Karz
  • Vijay, the poet from Pyaasa

… More about these Bollywood Iconic Characters sometimes later!

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