Bollywood Trailers

Remember the times, when one of your friend would watch a movie and all of you would gather around him and listen to what he told you about the movie. Based on his story telling skills, likes and dislikes, you would decide whether to watch the movie or not!

Sadly, that you don’t wait for that guy now. And that’s because you have Bollywood Trailers now.

Movie trailers are short videos that give you the gist of what to expect in the forthcoming movie. These are like teasers or the pre-launch campaign of the movie. The trailers are made to gets things into the public discussion and to build an early awareness. Often, movie trailers include major reveals, deaths, betrayals and climactic moments. t could even just be a bit of music with the title of the film and the words “coming next summer”. There are movie trailers that capture everyone’s eye and that creates a lot of buzz and anticipation for the movie.

Of course, there are movie trailers that promise more than what is actually dished out in the movie.

But whatever said and done, the viewership of Bollywood movie trailers on YouTube is on the rise and no wonder that this online form of advertising a movie has become a part and parcel of film’s advertising budget!

Some, enterprising studios and production houses even release trailers for trailers!!

There are a lot of websites that feature the release of Bollywood Trailers.

Chief among them are… Koimoi, Desimartini, Bollywood Hungama, Filmi Beat, Bollywood MDB , Bollywood Cat, Buzz in Town, Rediff Movies, Mobi Masti, Top 10Wala.

Check out the Trailer for the upcoming movie, Raees starring Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuudin Siddiqui and Mahira Khan.

Do you form your opinion about a movie based on its trailer? Which movie did not live up to what was promised in the Bollywood Movie Trailer?  Do let us know in the comment section!

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