Celebs Who Don’t Seem To Be Getting Older

While some celebrities look much older than their actual age, there are some who look way younger that their years. And then there are some who dont seem to age at all. For them, age is just a number. They are like a fine wine. They just keep getting better with age!

Keep scrolling to see the Bollywood celebs who dont seem to be getting older and  who might have found the fountain of youth.

Madhuri Dixit : Meet Madhuri, the timeless beauty.

Madhuri Dixit Then and Now

Karisma Kapoor : At 41 Karisma looks even better than she did back then. Tell us your secret, Lolo!

Karisma Kapoor Then and Now

Juhi Chawla : Another beauty who just doesn’t seem to age at all. On top of looking absolutely stunning and graceful.

Juhi Chawla Then and Now

Malaika Arora Khan : 41?! No, that’s a lie.

Malaika Arora Khan Then and Now

Check out some more Celebs Who Don’t Seem To Be Getting Older

Hema Malini : Oh, Hema seems to be an ageless wonder.

Hema Malini Then and Now - Copy

Arjun Rampal : Looks like Arjun is aging backwards!!

Arjun Rampal Then and Now - Copy - Copy

Dino Morea : Can you see any difference between the two pictures? Seriously, the guy has not aged!

Dino Morea Then and Now - Copy - Copy

Rahul Bose : Rahul looks just the same in both these pictures.

Rahul Bose Then and Now

Rahul Khanna : Is there something about the name Rahul and agelessness?

Rahul Khanna Then and Now

Sonali Bendre : Graceful beauty, then and now.

Sonali Bendre Then and Now

And there are some more Celebs Who Don’t Seem To Be Getting Older

Sanjay Suri : There’s practically no way to tell these photos apart.

Sanjay Suri Then and Now

Rekha : Well, we think Rekha HAS found the fountain of youth!

Rekha Then and Now

Sridevi : 52! Nah, that’s a big lie!

Sridevi Then and Now

Kabir Bedi : Handsome at the ripe old age of 69! Sigh!

Kabir Bedi Then and Now

Kajol : Kajol is definitely getting more stunning and beautiful with age.

Kajol Then and Now

Nandita Das : And ditto for Nandita.

Nandita Das Then and Now

Raveena Tandon : At 40, Raveena looks fit and youthful, not to mention still beautiful.

Raveena Then and Now

Sushmita Sen : At 39, she still looks just as stunning and beautiful.

Sushmita Sen Then and Now

Urmila Matondkar : Incredible, isn’t it!?!

Urmila Matondkar Then and Now

Nandana Sen : The 48 year old actress looks fantastic for her age, doesn’t she?

Nandana Sen then and Now

Keep watching this space as we add some more Celebs Who Don’t Seem To Be Getting Older!

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