Deepika Padukone : Bollywood’s True Superstar

Deepika Padukone is a beauty with brains. And she is also the reigning queen at the Box Office.  She simply stands out from the rest of the star brigade. In a short span of time, she has carved a space for herself in Bollywood. And it is all because of her choices.

Let’s look at reasons why Deepika Padukone is superstar in the truest sense.

Bankable star : With most of her films sitting snugly in the Rs 100 crore club, Deepika Padukone today is one of the most bankable star. Yes, she has had back-to-back big grossers to her credit. All her movies like Chennai Express, Happy New Year, Cocktail, Love Aaj Kal, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Piku had impressive and big stars, but she has proved her acting skills in all these movies. Piku Director, Shoojit Sircar said in an interview that she has evolved in every type of films. Now, that looks like a great strategy she is adopting. Because it’s when you raise the bar higher and set standards that will help you learn and grow, then only you can move to the next level.


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Universal Appeal : Deepika Padukone is not only a most sought-after heroine, but also most preferred when it comes to brand endorsement. As a brand ambassador, she is on the top of the list amongst women celebrities in endorsing national and international products. She is also the only Bollywood star to endorse the global brand Nike! Now that is something!! Deepika connects beautifully with the audience too and thus has became a brand herself.

Feminist Actress : Deepika  Padukone, in association with Vogue magazine, released a video  to raise awareness about women’s rights in India, which went viral online. “My body, my mind, my choice, to wear the clothes I like even as my spirit roams naked, my choice,” these are the opening lines of the the video which features 99 women. The aim of the Vogue Empower initiative, is to encourage people to think, talk and act in ways big or small on issues pertaining to women’s empowerment. The message is simple:  It starts with you. Opinions were divided on this video and many considered it to be on male bashing. But the gutsy lady said, “When the script was shared with me, there was not one but a couple of lines that even I didn’t agree with at a personal level but I realised they needed me more for the larger message the film was trying to make. I went ahead and was more than happy to be a part of it because I realised myself that there was a larger issue that we were dealing with and that we are dealing with.” Now, that’s for women empowerment and a star who stands for what she believes in.

There are still some more reasons which go on to prove that Deepika Padukone is the real superstar…

Fearless : In an industry, where keeping secrets about personal life is the mantra. Deepika Padukone has broken all stereotypes and gone ahead and confessed about her battle with depression. On one hand, her revelation shocked people while many beleived that it is very brave of her to talk about her flaws. On national media she discussed about this mental  condition, which is still considered a taboo in our society. She has started a mental health care foundation called The Live, Love, laugh Foundation. Bravo, girl! You’re truly a role model.

Bold : A leading newspaper posted a video, allegedly focussing on the cleavage-revealing outfit worn by Deepika Padukone. She posted her outrage on Twitter, slamming the said newspaper for objectifying women. She tweeted “YES!I am a Woman. I have breasts AND a cleavage! You got a problem!!??” About 26,500 people tweeted about TOI’s remark with the hashtag  #IStandWithDeepikaPadukone. TOI eventually deleted both the tweets and the photo gallery. Now that’s call for a big round of applause for Deepika Padukone!

Deepika Padukone is a emerging as a real superstar and we simply love her!

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