Is Dr Mashoor Gulati coming back on the Kapil Sharma show?

Sunil Grover, who kept away from The Kapil Sharma Show after four years of hiatus, is all set to return as Dr. Mashoor Gulati is the favourite character of the audience.

The show’s creator Salman Khan is attempting to reconcile Kapil Sharma’s and Sunil Grover’s differences in order to get the latter back on the show. Salman has a special relationship with Sunil, and he needs him to return to the show, as everyone knows.

Comeback of Dr Mashoor Gulati is expected soon.

Sunil Grover had quit The Kapil Sharma Show after a major feud with host Kapil Sharma, for the uninitiated. The two comedians had a huge clash on the plane on their way back from Australia, which eventually became a major scandal in the entertainment industry. Sunil Grover appeared in major films such as Bharat, Tandav, and others after leaving The Kapil Sharma Show.

Sungandha Mishra, Ali Asgar, and Chandan Prabhakar were among the cast members who left the show after Sunil Grover. Sungandha and Ali, on the other hand, have kept their distance from the show despite Chandan’s recovery.

The Kapil Sharma Show, which is currently on hiatus, is set to return with a new theme and ensemble. As a result, we hope Sunil Grover returns to the TKSS family. Archana Puran Singh, Krushna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda, Chandan Prabhakar, Bharti Singh, Sumona Chakraborty, among others, are among the cast members.

We all know that Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover are the true heroes responsible for a million smiles. Both have been in show business for a long time, but their success as comedians skyrocketed after their appearances on Sony Television’s “Comedy Nights With Kapil” and “The Kapil Sharma Show,” which were dubbed “one of the all-time famous comedy shows on television.”

Wrapping up

We used to say that there was still a rainbow following a rainstorm. Yeah, the day has now arrived. Sunil Grover, aka Dr. Mashoor Gulati, aka Gutthi, appears to be making a comeback to the Kapil Sharma Show. If rumours are to be believed, he will be returning to the show soon, and this time, Sunil himself took to Twitter to share the exciting news.

Everyone was impressed with the shows and performances they put together as a group. However, the good fortune came to an end following a high-profile mid-air brawl. Both of them split up to launch their own series. However, the passion and affection between the two remains undeniable.

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