Top 10 Hindi Horror Movies of All Time

So what scares you the most in a movie? A study shows that it is the fear of fear that scares most of us. And this is what many film makers use while plotting a good horror film.

You may not be scared of the ghost or the paranormal killer itself in the film but the tension build around the plot and the high voltage drama depicted is what scares you the most while watching a horror film.

Horror movies give us some of the most memorable, absorbing and downright terrifying moments.

Be afraid… very afraid, as we share with you some of the scary and disturbing Hindi Horror Movies of all time.

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Top 10 horror movies from the last decade

1. Mahal (1949)

India’s first reincarnation thriller film was Kamal Amrohi’s Mahal. Starring Ashok Kumar, the movie was a groundbreaking supernatural suspense thriller which launched both Madhubala and Lata Mangeshkar. In Mahal, a young lawyer is involved with a ghost woman in his new house, where the builder and his fiancée died shortly after it was built.


2. Kohraa (1964)

Kohraa  is a thriller horror film directed by Biren Nag, starring Waheeda Rehman, Biswajeet and Lalita Pawar. The film was adapted from Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 novel, Rebecca,  A newlywed woman discovers that the ghost of her husband’s first wife still haunts their home.


3. Bhoot Bungla (1965)

Bhoot Bungla is a comedy horror film directed by Mehmood, who stars in the film alongside Tanuja and Nazir Hussain. Mystery surrounds a house which is reportedly haunted by singing and dancing ghosts and ghouls.

Bhoot Bangla

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4. Raat (1992)

Raat was Ram Gopal Vermas debut horror movie as producer, and it is spooky enough to leave anyone with a spine chill. A family of four, moves into a haunted house. When a cat gets killed in the house, a series of horror events soon follow. This movie will make you scream your lungs out and if you love cats, you will be scared of them henceforth. Revathi, has given a memorable performance in Raat.


5. Raaz (2002)

Raaz is mostly inspired by What Lies Beneath, a Hollywood movie. Produced by Mahesh Bhatt  this movie went on to be made into 2 sequels. A couple moves to Ooty to save their failing marriage. However, when a ghost starts haunting the place, the wife finds that her husband is part of the scary plot too.


6. Darna Mana Hai (2003)

This movie has 6 short stories, all are meant to give you much more than mere goose bumps. Though it was a multi-starrer, the movie did not do well at the box office. Its sequel Darna Zaroori Hai failed miserably too. However because of its unique and an innovative approach for a horror genre, it is definitely a must watch.

Darna Mana Hai

7. Bhoot (2003)

Another horror movie from RGVs camp. Bhoot had Urmila Matondkar and Ajay Devgan in the lead roles and it went on to have a sequel titled Bhoot Returns. It is considered as the one of the most scariest movies of Bollywood. It has such chilling scenes that you will be scared to stay alone in a room.


8. Vaastu Shastra (2004)

With dark characters,  some amazing special effects and  great acting by the cast which included Sushmita Sen, Vaastu Shastra is a good movie in the horror genre. Another movie from RGV, Vaastu Shastra is a story of family that shifts into a haunted house. The problem comes when the child in the family starts making imaginary friends and soon starts getting obsessed with his friends.


9. 1920 (2008)

Directed  by Vikram Bhatt, 1920 is a period horror film. The movie was a commercial hit and received critical acclaim too. A sequel 1920: Evil Returns was also released to mixed reviews and commercial success in 2013. 1920 is unexpectedly scary and has some real evil spirits and gory scenes.


10. Click (2010)

Click is a remake of the 2004 Thai horror movie Shutter, which was also remade in the USA by the same name in 2008. It A photographer and his girlfriend enter a nightmarish world after they run over a woman.. Directed by Sangeeth Sivan, this movie had Shreyas Talpade and Sneha Ullal in lead roles.


Horror movies list from Recent times, after 2010

1. Haunted – 3D (2011)

With the highest opening ever for an Indian horror film, this movie took the horror genre to a different level by being released in 3D. In this movie a realtor encounters two ghostly entities while attempting to sell a mansion.


2. Horror Story (2013)

Inspired by Grave Encounters, this Vikram Bhatt movie is about seven friends who spend a night at a haunted hotel. Seven friends decide to spend a night in an abandoned haunted hotel. What they mistook as mere rumors, it dawns on them soon that they are not alone inside. Fantastic sound editing and lighting effects make this film an eerily creepy must watch.


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We will be adding more hindi Horror movies as we watch them. Do tell us your top list of bollywood horror movies below in the comment section.

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