Hrithik Roshan Six-Pack Abs

As good-looking as a Greek God… Only one person in Bollywood can stake a claim to be that. And that’s Hrithik Roshan. He not only has  charismatic look but also chiselled physique. He was not like this always and he has not developed those amazing and drool-worthy six pack abs overnight.

A celebrity lifestyle like that of Hrithik Roshan looks so cool and exciting from far. But such a lifestyle comes with its own baggages. And Hrithik had quite a few… erratic work hours, a back pain, a bulging gut,  a serious smoking habit. It is said, he used to smoke 3 packs of cigarette a day! And then he had a desire to change it all. This fab body and physique that he has is a result of months of training, discipline, healthy eating and it was not easy!

Would you like to know Hrithik Roshan went from fat to fit… the story behind Hrithik Roshan’s Six Pack Abs


In his own words, it’s because of two magic words : Initiative and Consistency.

Taking the initiative to be committed to be and stay fit is the first step. And the second magic word that Hrithik used was being consistent in his  journey towards fitness. Doing the workouts and eating healthy food is a daily affair. And all this happened under the guidance of his mentor Kris Gethin.

Hrithik’s Bodybuilding Regimen

  • Hrithik does the regular bench pressing without using too many variations
  • He doesn’t work-out for more 40 – 60 minutes and tries to nap, soon after
  • On busy days, he exercises during the night
  • He uses workouts as his reason to tire himself and put himself to a deep sleep

hrithik-roshan six pack

Tips From Hrithik Roshan

  • Fitness begins with initiative and continues with consistency. The six pack abs is a by-product of being healthy.
  • Stress is toxic for the body. Once we get into an unhealthy zone, we dig ourselves deeper into the grave. You have to snap out of it.
  • Discipline sets you free. If you want to party, you can party. If you want to binge, you can binge because the rest of the time you stay restricted.
  • Getting your metabolism high is the key. Eating at regular intervals increases the metabolism.
  • Ninety per cent of the job is done through your diet. The other 10 per cent is exercise. You are what you eat.
  • If you miss meals and stay hungry for hours, you tend to go for pizzas or burgers and that is what messes up your body.
  • Street food, packaged food and readymade meals are bad. Anything with preservatives is unhealthy.

Are you inspired from Hrithik’s journey of acquiring the famous Hrithik Roshan Six Pack Abs?

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