M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

Release Date- 30 September 2016

Cast- Sushant Singh Rajput

Directed by- Neeraj Pandey

Movie Review of M.S Dhoni 

‘MS Dhoni the untold story’ is a biographical movie which has took its release in the year 2016.The whole plot based on the life cycle of India’s renowned cricketer ‘MS Dhoni’ played by ‘Sushant Singh Rajput.’ Each and every character did full justice to their individual roles.

The entire movie based on the ODI cricket and other world cricket tournaments played by Dhoni and Its achievement. That cricket star has earned stardom in a decade since his career took a leap towards this sport of glory and happiness. IPL or World Cup ‘MS Dhoni’ swept in like a rock star with the right strokes and attentive move every time. At the first half of the movie, you will get to see the thick and thin pavements he walked into from his childhood.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni chose tough side becoming a postmaster for his living and on the other part of this Upcoming Bollywood Movie, he played his innings with a running track. On the second half, the movie takes a romantic hold with Dhoni’s ex-love interest ‘Priyanka Jha’ described by ‘Disha Pathani’ where you can see an intense love story uncovered under sufficient words and feel. You can see a real life account of the cricketer with emotions, locations, music and more.

Well, this is not the end, there are more leafs to fall in the storyline which makes it bliss to watch. It is entirely a predictable screenplay kept by the director and script writer. Primarily scenes have shot at the streets and nooks of ‘Ranchi.’ But at the later half, the protagonist travels several national and internal places which add some twist in movie screenplay.

At last but not the least, there comes Dhoni’s wife Sakshi which is played brilliantly by ‘Kiara Advani’ who is a plus point in the beauty of the cricketer’s life. Their love is an endless saga that gets into the peak with time. On the whole, this movie surely gets a thumbs up after ‘Shushant Singh Rajputs’ fantastic contribution to some of his hits in the past days like ‘Detective Byomkesh Bakshi,’ ’Kai Po Che’ and more.

Shushant satisfies character as a Mahi or MS Dhoni. Cricket lover surely loves this biopic movie. It is one of the most successful captions in India, so millions of fan follower are waiting for this film.

Critics have given shining stars to this piece of creativity with wide hearts. No wonder this movie has confirmed its worth deep into our minds with extra love and respect. So this film thumbs up from my side for its excellent direction and script by ‘Neeraj Pandey.’  Watch it and tell us how you liked it!!

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