Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

Bigg Boss is the most controversial reality show on Television. Bigg Boss has celebrities who are strangers to each other usually, cut off from the outside world, coexist in an isolated house. With people from all walks of life, difference of opinions, violent or angry confrontations to genuine and tender romantic connections are in abundance in the Bigg Boss House. Season 9 of this show will airing on TV soon.  Today, we share the past Bigg Boss contestants who have been trouble makers and added to the drama on the show.

Check out the most annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant is the controversy queen who knows how to be in limelight. She is known for being loud and blunt and shooting off her mouth. And her time in the Bigg Boss House was no different. In the Season 1 of the show, she cried, screamed and was often seen throwing tantrums.

Rakhi Sawant Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Dolly Bindra

Dolly Bindra was the biggest drama queen of Bigg Boss 4. The actress gave the Bigg Boss inmates a nightmarish time with her loud illogical arguments and fights. She was constantly seen bickering and yelling without any valid reason. She had the ability to over-escalate a non-issue into something of epic proportions which in turn proved to be the biggest entertainment factor of the show.

Dolly Bindra Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Akashdeep Saigal

Akashdeep Saigal also called as Sky was expert in creating misunderstandings among other house mates during his stint in Bigg Boss Season 5. He had several fights with the other inmates and a major controversy over his nasty comments about Mahek Chahal. He made more enemies than friends during his stay in the house. His trouble making antics were hated by one and all and there were some facebook pages dedicated to hating him.

Akashdeep Saigal Sky Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Imam Siddique

Imam Siddique, the fashion stylist, managed to annoy almost every contestant in the house during Bigg Boss Season 6. Not only did he break vessels and pots, he also stripped in front of the camera. In fact he appeared in a tight skin-coloured body suit that gave the impression of him being nude! His outrageous behaviour had Bigg Boss unceremoniously throwing him out of the house.

Imam Siddiqui Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Kamaal Rashid Khan

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK was the first contestant in Bigg Boss Season 3 house who was evicted from the show because of violence irrational fights with fellow contestants. He had an ugly exchange of words with designer, Rohit Verma. He lost his temper and even hurled a bottle towards Rohit.

KRK Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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And there are some more most annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

Kashmira Shah

Kashmira Shah was another drama queen on Bigg Boss Season 1 along with Rakhi Sawant.  She not only was the reason for creating fights among other house mates but was part of the fights too. her ‘enemies’ on the show joined hands which led to her quick eviction from the show. However she tried to attract attention of the audience by wearing bikinis and a lot of revealing outfits!

Kashmira Shah Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Mahek Chahal

She indulged in fights and played the innocent victim way too often. Even her fans, if any, stopped feeling feel sorry for her after a point. She would knit a web of lies which she would get entangled in pretty soon and then pour her heart out with inevitable crying after every fight when she tried again and again to make the contestants like her. Juhi Parmar was the winner of Bigg Boss Season 4.

Mahek Chahal Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Pravesh Rana

The Mr. India 2008 stint in the Bigg Boss Season 3 house showcased his violent behavior. In fact on one occasion, he threw all the food in the pool.

Parvesh Rana Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Raja Chaudhary

Raja Chaudhary, the former husband of Shweta Tiwari, was at the epicentre of most fights. His short tempered behaviour got him in a lot of trouble in the Season 2 of the show!

Raja Choudhary Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Sambhavna Seth

Sambhavna Seth, also had a lot of fights with fellow contestants in Bigg Boss Season 2 and she had the ugliest fight with Raja Chaudhary. She was not only loud but also illogical while arguing with inmates.

Sambhavna Seth Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Sapna Bhavnani

Sapna Bhavnani, the celebrity hairstylist, not only made herself unpopular in the house due to her temper but also managed to have a fight with the Bigg Boss host, Salman Khan, during Season 6.

Sapna Bhavnani Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Karishma Tanna

Bigg Boss 8 contestant Karishma Tanna has been labelled as the most annoying inmate not only by the audience, but also by show’s host Salman Khan. The TV actress has irritated other contestants several times while performing tasks and was often unnecessarily loud and opinionated.

Karishma Tanna Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestants

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Who according to you has been the Most Annoying Bigg Boss Contestant?

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