Saat Uchakkey

Release Date14 October 2016

Cast – Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher, Kay Kay Menon, Annu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz and Aditi Sharma.

Directed By – Sanjeev Sharma

Produced By – Neeraj Pandey, Shital Bhatia

Production company – Wave Cinemas

Genre – comedy, drama

Movie Review of Saat Uchakkey

Story Line: Thieves’ story, “Saat Uchakkey” is a pretentiously innovative film that provides training of lifestyle regarding wish, desire, and destiny.

Watching our capital, New Delhi in any film is an actual pleasure because every filmmaker has his understanding of the town. They create the city look less insecure and more innovative in their specific way. Latest launch “Saat Uchakkey” has its own take on the town.

Director selects old Delhi and its limited paths to express his tale. Manoj Bajpayee acts as the gang leader Pappi. With his lines and language, shows the essence of the film which film director wants to tell. The film is not out of the box, but the outstanding activities of the stars turn it into an ideal movie to watch.

The film is said to be a wild with little mistakes. Set in the narrow street of old Delhi, it has his appeal. The tale moves around some disorganized losers who want to recover the cash some kind of value which is invisible in the local haveli. Pappi want to get rich so that he can get married to his love Sona, acted by Aditi Sharma.

Since the story was going nowhere in its primarily dull phrase, the film director resort to miracle reality in his effort to turn this into struggle a little more high-minded. Unfortunately, that trick comes unstuck and boomerangs poorly on the so far gritty experience. While the milieu and the establishing are picture-perfect, the planning is hallucinatory, and the contrivances are relatively much apparent.

The language in use is guttural – every phrase is full of expletives, but the activities have different weight. It is a satire gone terribly bad-   the habits, follies, violations, and disadvantages here are glorified rather than organized to make fun of, while the sarcasm and comedy are sorely losing. This form of raw, solid unconscionable story-telling is better designed for the cinema structure. Theatre needs far greater skills and grace.

If you thought stars like Manoj Bajpayee and Kay Kay Menon are their best only when it comes to extreme activities, debut director Sanjeev Sharma’s con caper, Saat Uchakkey should help you change your mind.

The film is full of crazy figures, outrageously funny dialogues and some whacky circumstances, not to bring up the traditional appeal of Old Delhi, which is apparent in its filter walkways, small stores, the gestures of the people living there and their strategy towards life.

On the production front, with ace production and audio combined with stunning graphics, the video is well-packaged. The setting and the culture is taken to excellence by cinematographer John Jacob Payyapalli’s lens, and the graphics easily padded by ace editor Shree Narayan Singh.

Overall, if you neglect the prolog and the denouement, “Saat Uchakkey” is a great funny film.

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