Salman and Aamir’s Upcoming Films Sultan And Dangal

6 Reasons of Why Both These Films Are Similar

Both Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are BFFs in the industry. They have seen singing praises for each other and even seen partying together. Sultan and Dangal are their new movies that will be released shortly. It is said that both movies are noticeably similar. Both the actors are playing the role of a wrestler in their respective films.

Probably we will see a face-off between these two Andaz Apna Apna co-stars, next year.

The first look of Salman starrer Sultan has been revealed recently. The rough and tough look of Salman is garnering great support from his fans.


Sultan First Look

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The posters of the movie Dangal was released some time ago and apparently, Salman’s look in Sultan is similar to that of Aamir in Dangal.

Dangal First Look

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Both of them have undertaken rigorous training and prepared hard for these ambitious projects. Their fans are already loving their wrestling avatars.

Check out some more details about these 2 movies.

1. Both films are based on wrestling
Sultan is a story of a 40 year old Haryanvi wrestler, Sultan Ali Khan. The movie also has a romantic angle to it. Dangal is also a biopic story of a 50-year-old wrestler, Mahavir Phogat. The movie traces his journey as a player, and as a father he’ll be seen encouraging his two daughters to take up the sport in the film.

2. Both are playing around with the body weight for their roles
You must have seen the beefed up look of Aamir for the movie Dangal. Aamir has gained weight from his 68 kilos to 90 kilos. Imagine, Salman in a avatar which will be twice his size. It will be for the first time that Salman will be seen in a wrestling ring. Salman Khan has started an intensive workout systematically.

3. Both movies have outstandingly similar climax
In Sultan, Salman will be seen wrestling with his son. While in Dangal, Aamir would be seen wrestling with his daughter.

4. Clash of location
Both these films were going to be shot at the locations in Haryana and Punjab. However, sources reveal that Salman has shifted his shooting location of his film to Karjat.

5. They even have a Yash Raj connection
Aamir is close to Aditya Chopra, the Yash Raj Films head honcho. Sultan is a Yash Rajs Films’ release.

6. The release dates will decide their fate
Sultan is set to release on the box office at Salman’s favorite festive weekend of Eid next year. While, Dangal is going to be released during Christmas, it is the time that Aamir prefers for all his releases. Now let’s see which film will able to get more success on Box Office and will able to generate higher revenue.

Both these movies are different from one another, but Salman and Aamir  are playing the role of similar type. Moreover, it is expected by all that both the films will get enormous success in box office. Both the movie is an action-pack!

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