Sonu Sood Is The Best Candidate For The Prime Minister Post As Per The Twitteratti

Rakhi Sawant has become the most recent Bollywood star to applaud Sonu Sood as the following Prime Minister of India for his commitment towards Covid-19 aid ventures in the country. The performer additionally picked her ‘Bigg Boss’ host Salman Khan as another contender to involve a seat in the top office.

Rakhi Sawant has yet again made a remarkable comment

Salman Khan or Sonu Sood ought to be made the Prime Minister of India,” Rakhi said to our cameras while seen out around this evening. Considering them the “asli saints” she said, “Sonu Sood loves his country and his kinsmen the most. Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, look the amount they love individuals of their nation.” 

Interestingly, Rakhi isn’t quick to energize behind the possibility of Sonu being the following PM of the country. Simply a week ago, entertainer and humorist Vir Das stood out as truly newsworthy when he advised fans to applaud Sonu Sood as a meriting contender to be the PM of the area. 

The Twitter is flooded with comments

Das was labelled by an Online media post that read, “@thevirdas for head administrator 2024.” To this, he remarked with a collapsed hands emoji and stated, “Wrong number. Dial Sonu Sood”. Strangely, this tweet by Das before long became a web sensation with fans supporting that Sonu Sood can be the following PM.

Sonu has said that he has no interests

Both Sonu and Salman have been commended for their commitment to helping Covid-19 aid projects. Sonu broadly assisted abandoned labourers with returning home during the primary wave, he has likewise been administering the features since he began a helpline administration to contact individuals needing clinic beds, drugs, oxygen and other such necessities during the subsequent wave.

The Bhai Jaan of Bollywood has made no comments

Salman, then again, has been giving apportions to the penniless and offering money related help to everyday wage labourers in the entertainment world. He likewise orchestrated food boxes to be conveyed to forefront laborers in the midst of the subsequent wave. The entertainer additionally by and by helped Rakhi cover the costs of her mom’s new hospitalization. As indicated by Sawant, he even assisted her with getting contact with the best specialists to keep an eye on her mom.

In the mean time, other Bollywood stars have been making news for partaking in pledge drives to contribute towards different Covid-19 aid ventures.

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