7 Pictures That Prove Sunny Leone is Beautiful

Sunny Leone continues to be popular. She has a huge fan following among the masses. Oh, did you know that she is the most googled Indian celebrity in recent times. She continues to be in news for her work as well as ridiculous statements that are made for her choices by people.

Recently, a senior leader of Communist Party of India, Atul Anjan, had said that Sunny Leone’s condom advertisements will lead to a rise in the number of rapes in India. Now, that’s totally a face-palm moment!

A few days ago, Sunny Leone launched her workout video, Super Hot Sunny Mornings. Her workout regimen to keep herself in super shape has been something she has been doing for many years. In her new video, she finally shares her easy-to-do and effective fitness regimen. The video features 40-45 different exercises and these workouts are available on mobile apps, DVD as well as online

In her upcoming home production with husband Daniel Weber who is also making his own Bollywood debut with Dangerous Husn soon, the adult-star-turned-Bollywood-actress will be playing a true-blue super-heroine. This will be the first home production by the couple’s new banner, which is in addition to their already-existing production house in Los Angeles. Reportedly, the pre-production for the film has been completed and it should be on the floors by next month.

Given Leone’s phenomenal popularity as well as the general worldwide success of superhero flicks, it might be safe to say that this is a combination that has everything going for it right now. Theoretically at least!

Today, we share some pictures of Sunny Leone, which shows that she is undoubtedly beautiful. Check them out here…

Looking all charming and elegant…

Sunny Leone 6

Isn’t she pretty?

Sunny Leone

In her smoking hot avatar!

Sunny Leone 5

Stylish beauty indeed…

Sunny Leone 4

Check out some more beautiful pics of Sunny Leone

This one is with hubby Daniel Weber. Sunny Leone 2

And she looks pretty in a saree too!

Sunny Leone 3

Sunny Leone 1

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