Swanky Interiors Of The ‘Bigg Boss Nau’ Home

The Home of Bigg Boss Season 9 also called as Big Boss Nau has swanky and plush interiors this time. It has shades of pink, green, turquoise green, blue, red spread all over.  The house also has a lot of mirrors.  This luxurious home, filled with outlandish and theatrical elements, for the contestants’ stay during the next 100+ days has been specially designed by art director Omung Kumar.

Bigg Boss Nau House 2

There’s this sofa, which is in the shape of lips.

Bigg Boss Nau House

The garden area where contestants spend most of the time is designed as per the theme Double Trouble. The garden has green and white checkered lawn with green double chairs.

Bigg Boss Nau Garden
In the bedroom all the beds are in a single row with two single beds attached to each other to accommodate a jodi.

Bigg Boss Nau BedroomKitchen area is THE place of the Bigg Boss House. This is the place where most of the ruthless politics takes place – the kitchen area in designed with white and blue colours.

Bigg Boss Nau Kitchen

The dining table chairs are designed to accommodate two contestants.

Bigg Boss Nau Dining Table The confession room where conversations with the Bigg Boss happen is done in bright colours accentuated with the blue and gold confession chair, which is big enough to accommodate two contestants at a time.
09-1444385729-609383Bathrooms in the house where contestants come to look for some respite but hardly find it. Often bathroom see a lot of action, conflicts and quarrels. Rightly so, the bathrooms in Bigg Boss Nau have been made very dramatic. It has a Moulin Rouge theme with large mirrors along with shades of red and gold to create a truly theatrical imagery.

Big Boss Nau Bathroom

This time, there’s an additional feature in the Bigg Boss House. Yes, it’s a Jacuzzi. Shaped like a yin yang, the Jacuzzi will calm the nerves and provide the much needed TLC for the contestants.

Bigg Boss Nau Pool

Friendships and romances are known to blossom in the Bigg Boss house. And this year, there is a special space where the contestants will be able to escape to for some moments of privacy –  whether to gossip, to plot or to find love! This special Sky Lounge has been created to give contestants an aerial view of the Bigg Boss house. It has varied shades and has café-type furniture setting

Bigg Boss Nau Balcony

Given the swanky and luxurious interiors, it is almost worth being put under house arrest in this house of Bigg Boss Nau.

Images Source : Twitter

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