Worst cyclone Tauktae Strikes Mumbai after 40 years

The Indian Meteorological Department has confirmed that the worst cyclone, Tauktae is causing a great quantity of destruction across the Mumbai coast. This is the most dangerous cyclone to have ever strikes the city in the last 40 years. All the flights and trains have been cancelled. The public transportation has been brought to a halt. People are facing frequent power cuts and a poor connectivity of mobile phone networks.

It is the category 4 cyclone

The Indian Meteorological Department has also predicted that this cyclone has not reached its peak till yet. This peak is expected to be reached in a period of 3 to 4 days. The wind is travelling at a speed of 222 kilometre per hour. The intensity has been increasing across the coastal areas. High alert has already been signalled in Mumbai. 

There have been reported incidents of wall collapses and short circuits. 479 trees have fallen due to this strong cyclone. people are facing a lot of destruction due to this cyclone. The government is requesting people to stay at home and not to step out of the home unless there is an emergency.

The water logging in narrow streets of Dharawai has increased

The lower part of Mumbai is stinking. In addition The Marine Drive which used to be the necklace of Mumbai has been submerged under water. People are advised to take care of themselves in order to save themselves from This powerful cyclone.

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